Hans Henny Jahnn is still an almost unknown modernist. Thus his works can still give the shock of the new that has inevitably worn off in the case of the. Hans Henny Jahnn (17 December , Stellingen – 29 November , Hamburg) was a German playwright, novelist, and a playwright, he. The Ship is a unique book. Reading it is like listening to the silence in the public squares painted by Giorgio de Chirico. Like Chirico, Jahnn is a master of the.

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Pastor Ephraim Magnuswhich The Cambridge Guide to Theatre describes as a nihilistic, Expressionist play “stuffed with perversities and sado-masochistic motifs”; Coronation of Richard III ; “equally lurid” ; and a version of Medea Everything is psychologized to an attenuated, untrustworthy degree that would verge on madness if the circumstances of the book weren’t a suitable justification for the breakdown Few of Jahnn’s writings have been translated into English.

Oct 09, Brett Miller rated it really liked it. The writing is so involving that despite somewhat murky passages it compels you forward through the story.

This is simply something you don’t see in the modern age of cheap, safe, marketable, strained-carrots entertainment. The main character, though, is always the ship.

#10 The Ship by Hans Henny Jahnn — Hold Fast Network

At fourteen they had already mistaken the joys of Hell for the bliss of Paradise, and, later, stood again and again with empty hands in a completely illuminated world.

But Jahnn does it. As jahjn playwright, he wrote: Hans Henny Jahnn, the author of The Ship, was not only a famous organ-builder but also the son of a ship carpenter, which helped him to make the description of the ship so convinc http: And then there is a disappearance.


A healthy body is run over by a truck, crushed. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Why is the first crew dismissed at the last minute and replaced? He hardens his thoughts to inflexible ideas and consoles his inner powers with a later or a beyond. Besides just the sheer tension and beauty of Jahnn’s writing, he makes use of a terribly interesting inter-cutting technique, where, as in experimental film, non-narrative images intrude upon the story to heighten mood or impressionistically explain a state of mind.

Dec 14, Julian rated it it was amazing. Selected Works of Hans Henny Jahnnis exquisitely dense, and completely unforgiving to anything but the most diligent of readings. The cargo itself, no one knows about but the crew and the stowaway suspect its dead bodies.

Pete rated it it was amazing Nov 12, The title gives away the importance of the ship, but it does nothing, in its simplicity, to indicate the presence that the ship will have, the monumental sense of malicious mystery that will enshroud it, and the dominating — crushing — impact it will have on its passengers. The ship, then carries an unidentified cargo to an unknown destination. But it was the usual thing to be struck with blindness.

I like the enigmatic aspects of it but it detours into excessive expositions a bit much. Hans Henny Jahn writes: The wreckage of a petrified night towers over him.

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And it is as if he were enjoying the sun for the first time. Comparisons to Soupault, Blackwood and de Chirico could be made. When Gustav jhann from the crate a few seconds later, he had assured himself that the icy aura which filled the hold had infected the crates or, perhaps, they were its sources.


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A criticism of the book would be that, having raised the issue of life’s meaning for the main character, the author set it aside and provided no resolution for her, nor surprisingly little change in her behavior resulting from her new awareness. He will no longer trust the chance that might burn him. And we are strangled in the noose of the shriveling umbilical cord. I like the fragmentary style, but it does get on one’s nerves after a bit, still, worth a look for those who like abstract or weird novels.

Man is born with a demand for justice, as he understands it. Jahnn was an early advocate of animal rights and also a leading figure in the movement against nuclear arms. Feb 24, Ronald Morton rated it really liked it. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Amongst a mutinous crew, fuelled by ancient superstitions and prejudices, a quartet of protagonists clash and disengage with alacrity: Who could recognize the sickness of his neighbor with his eyes even though it lay palpable under the skin?

They babble; they speechify; they confess to one another; they accuse one another; they quote poetry and spin yarns. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Salviati and Sagredo not being real people but conduits of ideas. And perhaps he will gain the knowledge that the red stuff—which is apparently always the same—is sometimes hot, and sometimes cool.