Check out what Christeen Skinner will be attending at UAC The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe: An Introduction to the Role of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in Financial Markets Mar 01, by Christeen H. Exploring the Financial Universe: The Role of the Sun and Planets in the World of Finance. Oct 1, by Christeen H. Skinner.

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Christeen Skinner

What do you think the image of astrology is, in the business community? Often, the client will then take you where they want to go – they’ll maybe ask, ‘why are my planets all over there?

But in my chart, Moon and Saturn aren’t really in aspect – they are about 67 degrees apart. Her practice in London attracts major business clients from around the world, including retailers, bankers and stock traders. I was a drummer – trained at the Royal Manchester College of Music.

In one place recently, I was introduced as ‘the company astrologer’ – I’m not on the payroll yet, though! There was a long silence, because I didn’t have a clue what he meant.

Christeen Skinner | Astro Analyst

Pisces, Fullmoon, Mars, Capricorn, But I can’t say, ‘These are ten companies you should invest in’. While on the subject of Taurus and its relationship to our personal value system—along with Scor So what might happen next? Learn more about Amazon Prime. So in looking at their charts, I started getting hooked into business astrology.


Has it ever gone disastrously wrong for you? Visit Christeen Skinner’s website. What happened was that, at a time when I had very little money and generally couldn’t afford books, I thought it was important to buy ‘Saturn’ by Liz Greene. Maybe we can narrow it down to the month.

Are you doing what you want to do? Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. So I wouldn’t say that I was a financial astrologer.

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High to Low Avg. What I say in that initial letter is that I’ll be happy to do some work for you, and explain a few things about how I work. What is your ultimate goal when you do a natal chart reading?

OK, let’s say that you have come to me about a company, and work through it as an example. I don’t think there’s any security firm in the country that can do what we do, ksinner the speed we can do it. It’s as if it was just a language that was already there, lying dormant. Quite often, when something’s in a book, people just take it as if it’s the Bible – and that’s wrong, you have to keep questioning. How is the problem shown?


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Get to Know Us. By Contact Talk Radio Network. What kinds of things would you get involved in for the client? It can sabotage it so much; you can feel as if you won’t survive unless you look after your Moon.

That is the type of client that you want! As often as not, you have to deliver the goods when you are not in the mood for doing it – so you have to be technically proficient, because that covers you in the times when you aren’t in the mood to do chrisgeen. Should I get some new funding?

Architects are trained to use 3-dimensional software; they can model their building designs in 3D.