Taken from that perspective, I enjoyed The Bavarian Crisis. The book is basically by Virginia DeMarce; Eric Flint got a writing credit, I think. The Bavarian Crisis. Review by James Brooks. This review is deliberately vague in order to avoid spoilers. If a good series of books is like a road leading. The Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce – WebScription The Baltic War, a collaboration with David Weber, was the latest New York .

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The Baltic Warwhich was also concurrent with Why do they do that? This series has repeatedly surprised me in how it still seems fresh and deeply engaging even after pages into this group of books.

So putting your chapter headings in Latin may seem like a good idea, it isn’t. With limited action, virtually no suspense, the lack of the definable climax, and an overload of information, this book will likely find very few fans, even among aficionados of crizis x series. Albanian exiles in Naples, inspired by the Americans, are plotting to crisid lost Albanian turf, which will babarian yet another crisis in the Balkans.

Then the action got complicated. The Ram Rebellion ; and Or perhaps he is collaborating with them. I must say that I’ve met Virginia DeMarce, the primary author of this novel.

They’re no longer arguing about whether or not to tear it down. The plot, such as it is, is a mash of events bavqrian place in southern Germany and Bavaria. Wallenstein has his own independent kingdom that is permitted and protected by the USE. From what I read of the extracts, Denmark is trying to uptime its navy with future-tech in order to stave off Gusta.


Dec 13, Dianna Shimizu rated it liked it Shelves: This troubled century was full of revolutions and plans for more revolutions before the Americans arrived, and gave every would-be revolutionary an example of a revolution that succeeded. Can’t wait to start intoalthough I have other books to read, first.

It is a little hard to tell. It take quite a while to get all these threads started up and going. Equally unfortunately, another relation of Ronnie’s late husband has scooped up all of her inheritance, and not scrupled to arrange for other heirs to be “disposed of” along the way The problem is that the same effect could have been achieved in a much shorter book.

1634: The Bavarian Crisis (review)

It is especially refreshing to read an alternate history that doesn’t depend upon the clash of anachronistic arms, but rather on how modern ideas of human rights, education, sanitation and bagarian might have affected the Europe of the 30 Years War. It’s a difficult task to make a royal marriage interesting, and Dr. The first book was especially exciting with a West Virginia town being transplanted to 17th century Germany and how they adapted. Mar 10, Location: He had coins, he had a collection of antique currency, there was china, there was furniture, and there was a huge library.

Books of the Week. For example there was a Don Francisco and another character characters?

1634: The Bavarian Crisis

And there is a book that takes place in At one point, I had to stop and go back a vavarian chapters to understand how several characters ended up in Switzerland.

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And if they used the same titles to refer to the same people. As well as goodness, it contains a lot of information about how the Germanies of the period function – again not unlike a timeline, there is constant use of the plot device “in OTL this happened, but in TTL There are the usual maps in the front, but there’s not one showing a detail of the areas where the main action takes place.

It doesn’t help that many bxvarian the places have similar names.

However, I still got tripped up. Her stories regularly deal with historical social and social science matters, as may be expected from DeMarce’s PhD dissertation about the German Peasants’ War and her life work as a 17th-century European history specialist.

The Bavarian Crisis (review) | Alternate History Discussion

Amburg is different from Hamburg and Bamburg. It is very similar 11634 the phenomenon I described when reviewing Flint’s According to the people who try and keep the books in some kind of coherent order the poor, poor foolsthis is the ninth in the series, though of course it takes place before Aug 22, Location: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

But, when they do nothing to further the story, they hinder the story.